14 February 2015

FLOWERS by ingrid and titti - Happy Valentine's Day!

Pink Roses

The theme for FLOWERS this time is 'Happy Valentine's Day!' 

Well, maybe it should be called 'Pink'! 

Florists are every year asked to put together bouquets with a dozen red roses - because traditionally we associate Valentine's Day with red roses. I think pink roses are just as romantic.

Pink Roses

So here are twenty pink roses! Don't worry I didn't spend a fortune. They are from the supermarket - the kind wrapped in cellophane - and they have short stems. 

The longer the stems are on roses the more expensive they are. So look for roses with short stems - unless you are doing an arrangement that requires long stems - stick with the short ones for a lot less money.

Pink Roses-Kalanchoe

This plant is called Kalanchoe - its a potted house plant with succulent leaves and this one has very pretty little double pink flowers.

Pink Roses

Three roses of a different kind - just hanging in there. They have much softer petals and look a bit more like garden roses. 

Pink Roses

I managed to use the pink roses for three different projects - so it was money well spent. And I still had plenty for Valentine's Day!

Pink Roses

Titti Malmberg - my Swedish based collaborator who I work alongside on FLOWERS - has also created a blog post over on her blog HWIT BLOGG - so please follow the link and go over and see what she has done. 

You can see all our FLOWERS posts Here. 

We also have a special board over on Pinterest with images from FLOWERS.

Have a Very Happy Valentine's Day!

See you next week.

~ xoxo ~ 


[Styling and photography © Ingrid Henningsson for FLOWERS and Of Spring and Summer.]


Connie said...

I truly like the roses that you have three of . . . the garden roses. Those and cabbage roses are my very favorite.
Your posts are always so beautiful:)
Happy Valentine's Day.
Connie :)

Elderberry-Rob said...

Thank you for the tip about stem length.The kalanchou are pretty, I had them last year to fill my wicker basket very cheaply, they lasted for ages - however, they don't like being near a cold window. I am looking forward to seeing the market this morning on the way to work,I think it will be brimming with pink!

Janneke said...

Beautiful pink for this romantic day!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ingrid,
For you a wonderful Valentine's Day!
What a beautiful pictures of pink flowers.
Titty also had such a beautiful log!

The meaning of the red rose is:
Romantic, Passionate love, Seduction, Passion, Beauty, Perfection, I love you, Gratitude, Appreciation, Heat, Desire

The meaning of the pink rose is:
Gratitude, Appreciation, Adel, Royal Heid, Magic, Mystery, Authoritative, Neutral, Fresh, objective, open-minded, intimate, familiar, Home Truly, Atmospheric, Cosy Personally, Curling

I wrote today a log on as Amaryllis flower for Valentine nav a Greek myth.

Have a nice day,

Annika Christensen said...

Tänk vad den där kalanchoe kan vara fin om man gör något extra fint med den.
Superfint som vanligt.
Kram på dig dagen till ära

Frances said...

Ingrid, your variety of pink Valentine flowers are lovely. Nice to see the alternative to red and to roses, too.

Happy Valentine's Day! xo

Cat said...

Underbara rosor! Det är alltid lika roligt att se Tittis och dina olika tolkningar på samma tema.
Ha de gott. Kram, Catarina

Pondside said...

How pretty! I am not fond or red roses. I much prefer pink or yellow or the white I es with a pink blush. Happy Valentine's Day!

Villrose said...

Rorer er vakkert og romantisk uansett!
Jeg fikk en bukett med roser i mørkerødt, rosa og hvitt i dag. Sjeldent, men fint!

Jarka Panci said...

Ingrid, your blog is so beautiful!
Thank you. Jarka

Jannibele said...

So pretty pretty in pink:)

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Oh my. I am in rose heaven. These images truly make my heart feel happy and warm. Especially with the brutally cold temperatures here in the Northeast. I must thank you for the lovely images.

I am also your newest follower. It would be wonderful if you followed back.

Happy Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Vad härliga rosor! Och att du lyckats köpa så fina på supermarket. Underbara bilder!

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