21 March 2014

Floral Styling - A Simple Flower Arrangement - # 7 - Ranunculus

Two big bunches of pink Ranunculus
Two stems of waxflowers
A square glass vase
A vintage wooden container
A few small new and vintage green glass vases 

Condition the flowers by stripping off any lower leaves that would end up below the water line. 

Cut the stems at an angle and place in a clean container of water.

Leave in a cool place over night or at least for a few hours before making the final arrangement.

I wanted to make an open and loose arrangement with the Ranunculus and adding in just a few stems of waxflowers.

Fill the inner glass vase with water and place inside the larger wooden container. Loosely arrange the Ranunculus stems - leave the stems as long as possible so that they lean over the sides of the wooden container. 

Use as many of the unopened buds as possible to give the arrangement some texture and at the end cut down the waxflowers and add randomly to the arrangement.

A particularly beautiful flower gets its very own little special vase.

Have a Beautiful Floral Day!

See you soon!

xoxo Ingrid


Lisa Gordon said...

My second favorite spring flower (magnolias are my first!). These are such beautifully delicate flowers, and as always, your styling is impeccable, Ingrid. xo.

cafenoHut said...

I love Ranunculus and they look more beautiful with your touching.

Lots of love...

Hjem & Glede said...

Ååååå så vakkert!!!!
Nydelig med rosa og fantastiske bilder du har tatt!
Tusen takk for hilsen hos meg....blir GLAD!

God helg skjønne du!

Hug Camilla ;)

Fra frø til blomst said...

Gorgeous bouquet of one og my favorit spring flowers. Love the wooden container.

I am looking forward to follow your blog!

Vicky said...

Just lovejy, I love Ranunculus !!

Villrose said...

Nydelig og inspirerende!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ingrid,
I love your styling! Its such a fresh and easy idea!
A nice weekend to you!

What's in a day said...

Hello Ingrid,

What anice combination of wood and pink flowers, just beautiful....

Have a nice weekend!

Big hug, Eefie

Lisa said...

I love the pink and green . Truly stunning.

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