20 October 2010

Pretty in Pink at Petersham Nurseries

Petersham Nurseries featured a lot of pink plants and flowers.
It is a wonderful nursery along the river Thames in Petersham just outside Richmond in London.
Their seasonal displays are beautiful and ever changing. It is a fantastic place to go for inspiration. 
I wrote about the nursery last year as well here.

This time it was pink all the way. Well, almost. Pink hydrangea, pink heather and pink cyclamen looked beautifully seasonal together.
A great display was the rusty antique urn stuffed full of pink heather. Around the outside edge was a ring of moss to hide any soil. A clever way to finish off the display. 

The gorgeous pink tulips in its Murano vase did on the other hand look a bit out of place.
But I did love them! 


Home and Lifestyle said...

Pink is one of my favorite colors in my garden, so I like your pictures so much! It must be great to visit this nursery!

Wish you a great evening! Warm regards, Ingrid (Home & Lifestyle)

Unknown said...

Vilket härligt ställe! Ska till London nästa sommar och ska nog försöka göra ett besök!

Tänk vad lustigt det såg ut med tulpaner så här års:)

Ha det gott,

Madelief said...

Hi Ingrid,

Oh...you have been to Petersham. Lucky you! I have heard so much about it. It is still on my wish list to visit. Not only for the great looking garden centre, but for the restaurant and the food of Skye Gyngell as well!

Wish you a happy evening!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Anonymous said...

Dear Ingrid, I have read much about this nursery but have yet to visit. I am not sure why I have not ventured there yet, but your posting certainly has tempted me. I understand, too, that there is a wonderful café there so that is another good reason to go.

Lisa Gordon said...

Great shots! Really love the second one.

Rajson said...

Vackert rosa, men visst käns det lite tidigt med tulpaner!
Försöker hålla mig till efter nyår.
Jo de små röda på lök till jul vill man ju ha!
Ha det gott!

Carol said...

Lovely though I agree the tulips are out of place out of season. I can buy them at the flower markets but refuse to. December would be the soonest as one could force them for the holidays.

NinaH said...

How lovely arranged!
Must be great to visit that nursery!

Anonymous said...

I Love the heather and anything with moss included, the colors are so refreshing. Very pretty Ingrid!
Nighty night!

Frances said...

Hmmmm, wondering about tulips in October, but they are lovely.

I am a fan of cyclamen, as I do associate their beauty, with memories of visiting the UK around this time of year. Lots of these flowers on display in many colors.

Thanks for summoning up these memories. xo

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Wish I could visit with you - I'll be sure to pop over to the website!
Happy day to you, Ingrid!
~ Zuzu

Sanne said...

Dear Ingrid,

lovely pictures from my favourite flowercolour !!!
Would like to go there,too...but it wíll be a dream...

Have a great weekend,
best wishes ,

Unknown said...

I think I would love that place. I have to check your last post from here.
Have nice weekend, Im working the whole weekend,uh:)

Melissa said...

Truly lovely.

Maria Dermengiu said...

Hi,just wanted to say lovely photos, lovely posts! hugs,Maria

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