27 February 2017

Floral Media - Make a Simple Floral Arrangement - from The Flower Book

This video features a new flower arranging book by flower farmer and floral designer Rachel Siegfried published by Dorling Kindersley.

The Flower Book explores 60 flower arrangements and features both individual flowers and finished bouquets in beautiful photography.

The arrangement in the video contains anemones, phlox, campanulas, agapanthus, green bells and eucalyptus in beautiful soft green and white colours. It shows you how to make a handtied bouquet in a few easy steps.

I hope you enjoyed the video and maybe it will even have given you some inspiration to make your own arrangement.

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[Text © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]

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1 comment:

Mantelilaakson Susanna said...

Charming photos and nice ideas for arrangements and bouquets!!
I'm a florist and love all the pretty flowers mixed together, of course!

Have a lovely day!

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