18 December 2016

Florets - Floral Quote - #133 - by Hege Barnholt

"The reason why the poinsettia is one of our most beloved Christmas flowers probably has to do with the fact that it blooms in December - right in the middle of the dark and cold season.
The poinsettia is very delicate and and should not be left in draft or be given much water. With light, heat, half-dry soil, and good care, the poinsettia can bloom from November to January. 
The red 'leaves' are not really the flower - in the middle of the red leaves you can find small yellow flowers. In the summer, the whole plant stays green. If you want the top leaves to be red, put the plant in a dark room for at least 12 hours a day for a few weeks." 

~ Hege Barnholt ~ 

[Hege Barnholt: Norwegian interior stylist, blogger and author of Handmade Scandinavian Christmas.]
[Quote from: Handmade Scandinavian Christmas (2013) by Hege Barnholt.]
[Flowers: Red Poinsettias.]
[Styling and Photography © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]


Enjoy your flower arranging and have a fabulous and floral Sunday!

Thank you for visiting 'Of Spring and Summer' - I will be back tomorrow Monday with another 'Floral Media' this time it's a short video called 'A Winter Gathering' - all about how to make a really warm and welcoming table for your guests.  


~ xoxo ~

[Styling and photography © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]

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