22 April 2016

FLOWERS by ingrid and titti - Floral Sweeties

Spring is in progress and we'll see more and more colour. This weeks theme for FLOWERS is called 'Floral Sweeties'. Both Titti and I love flowers and we both love colour.

This bunch of very bright tulips is like a mixed bag of colourful sweets.  In it are red, yellow, orange and purple flowers of about 5-7 of each colour.

I used an old favourite vase from Sweden in a very neutral colour. I removed any broken or bruised leaves - but left one or two leaves on each flower as I wanted it to look full and generous.

Always cut the ends as soon as you get the flowers home and put them straight in water. They are going to need a good drink after having been out of water for a while.

I made a collage of lots of colourful fabric swatches with dots and chevron patterns. My daughter found them and gave them to me a while ago. She thought I would like them and be able to use them as props and this was the perfect opportunity. The fabrics are all in bright colours just like the flowers.

I stuck the fabrics on the background with washi tape. That Japanese paper tape that was so popular a few years ago. Using this kind of tape means I can easily take the collage apart and use the fabrics again.

Working on this post made me realize how much I love colour and that they make me happy. All kinds of colours - strong, bright colours as well as more muted pastels.

I think I will remember this post as 'My Happy Post'!  

I know spring has arrived in the south of Sweden too - were Titti lives - I can't wait to see what she's going to show us this time. Here is the link to her blog. 

Have a lovely floral day!

We'll be back next month with a new theme and another 'FLOWERS'. Before that I'll see you soon.


Frances said...

Ingrid, I agree that arranging these pretty colors together with that backing has created a very jolly spring setting.

Happy weekend to you! xo

HWIT BLOGG said...

Wow! Karamelligt var det! Härlig bukett Ingrid...
Kram från Titti

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