4 November 2015

The Monthly List - November 2015

Last month I started a new monthly series of blog posts called 'The Monthly List'. It's Johanna Bradford of Tant Johanna over in Sweden who started what she calls 'Månadens Lista'. Her and the others taking part create inspirational monthly lists and I'll be doing my version over here in London. Here is my list for November and just like last month the focus is on flowers .......!

Branches with or without berries are perfect to use in the autumn. Here are three: 
- rose hips, this one has lots and lots of small round hips - great on their own or mixed with flower and foliage.
- Cornus, has long, thin straight branches in a red colour you can't miss - use on it's own in a tall clear glass vase or mix with tulips for an interesting contrast.
- crab apples, has small round apples that comes in red or orange - fantastic for autumn and Christmas, makes a real statement and lasts for ages.

I have picked four contemporary vases to feature this month. A mini Savoy Alvar Aalto vase in white designed originally in 1936 by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto and its still made by Iittala. My daughter bought it for me at an antique market.

The two white vases on the right are by the Swedish glassblower and artist Bertil Vallien made in the 1970's and 1980's. The big one is called 'Terra' from Rörstrand and the small one is a Kosta Boda. He still works for the very famous glassblowing company Kosta Boda in the south of Sweden. One was a present and the other I bought at Copenhagen airport.

The larger vase in the back is from the German company Rosenthal. It's from their 'Studio Line' called 'Vases of Phases'. I found this one in a charity shop here in London a few years back for just a few pounds.

I love them and use them all the time for all kinds of flower arrangements. They all have interesting shapes and textures but doesn't detract from the beauty and colour of the flowers. 

This is Selina Lake's sixth book - it's called Winter Living and was published this autumn. It's full of inspiration and lovely photographs by Debi Treloar.

She says: "...you'll be furnished with a multitude of fresh ideas to transform your home into an inviting, warming and uplifting space during the colder months of the year." 

Hans Blomquist-In-Detail-Floral-Styling:
I've been following and admired my fellow Swede Hans Blomquist from a distance - on his Instagram and reading his books. He does some inspiring styling for big and small companies all over the world such as Bloomingdales, Gant, IKEA and H&M - as well as having written two beautiful books - The Natural Home (2012) and In Detail (2014).
A vintage blue and white floral tea cup from the early part of 1900 - it's not a cup I use for my tea - instead I use it as a little vase for small flower arrangements. It has such a rich dark blue colour that works well with a lot of different coloured flowers.
This sweetly illustrated quote is created by Flora Waycott. She is an illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Wellington, New Zealand. A lovely combination of hand lettering, flowers and pretty pastels.

Apples are available all year around but are at their peak in the autumn in the Northern hemisphere.

This is a classic English beauty called 'Royal Gala' - and it's described as "sweet and juicy with tones of vanilla and a thin skin" - what else do you need? The perfect food! 

 Have a Lovely Floral Day!

I'll be back later in the week with more floral delights from 
Of Spring and Summer.

[Styling and Photography: © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]
[Image no 4: ©Debi Treloar/Hans Blomquist.]
[Image no 6: © Flora Waycott.] 

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