28 September 2015

Floral Media - Flower Agenda 2015 - week 40-42 - Alstroemeria

The Flower Agenda 2015 alstroemeria

Another instalment from The Flower Council of Holland's campaign about cut flowers - called Flower Agenda and during the weeks 40-42 - the lovely and very versatile Alstroemeria is featured.

The Flower Agenda 2015 alstroemeria

Here is a little bit of information and facts that I have gathered about Alstroemeria:
  • Alstroemeria is also called Inca lily or Peruvian lily. 
  • It is originally from the cool mountains in Chilli, Brazil and Peru.
The Flower Agenda 2015 alstroemeria

  • The Swedish botanist Carl von Linneus  named Alstroemeria in honour of his student the Swedish Baron Claes Alströmer (1685-1761).
  • Alstroemeria friendship and commitment and the six petals symbolise understanding, humour, patience, sympathy, vigour and respect - all ingredients for an enduring friendship.  
The Flower Agenda 2015 alstroemeria

  • Alstromeria is available all year around.
  • It comes in all colours - white, yellow, pink, red, orange and purple - with the exception of blue and green.
  • Alstroemeria lasts for about two weeks in a vase.
The Flower Agenda 2015 alstroemeria

  • The individual flowers has a tiger-striped throat and the shape of the flower is similar to a lily.
  • The petals alternate between striped and solid-coloured.
The Flower Agenda 2015 alstroemeria

  • The flowers comes in a spray form - but can easily be separated and used individually. 
  • It's affordable and long-lasting and adds a touch of exoticness to a tame arrangement.
Enkelband bloemen

  • Cut the stems short and use in little eggcups or bud vases.
  • You can also keep the stems long and mix with other flowers in a larger arrangement.
  • It's also looks lovely used on its own in a clear glass vase.
  • Alstroemeria is a very versatile and you can create both an exotic as well as an romantic arrangement.

I hope you have enjoyed finding out about the very popular Alstroemeria.

Enjoy your flower arranging and have a great floral day!

I will be back later in the week with more floral delights.

~ xoxo ~


[Images provided by The Flower Council of Holland.]

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Anonymous said...

It's a lovely and strong bloom!
Have a nice week Ingrid!

With love, Gerry

Jenny said...

Jag visste faktiskt inte att alströmerian finns i så många olika färger, den är verkligen jättefin! Och brukar stå länge om den ingår i någon bukett.

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