1 August 2015

Floral Media - How to Make a Summer Wreath with Sarah Raven

Hello everyone! I am slowly getting back to posting on my blog even though the work on the house and garden will carry on for a while longer. You know how it is - work always takes longer than planned.

I would like to start with presenting a short video with Sarah Raven creating a fabulous giant summer wreath. If you don't have room for such a large wreath you can make a smaller one using the same flowers.
Sarah Raven shows us how to make a huge summer wreath using a large ring of floral foam and an abundance of summer flowers.

Sarah Raven is well known in the UK for presenting gardening programs on television, writing lots of books about gardening and plants, teaching floral workshops and flower arranging courses, giving talks and demonstrations and also for being an enormously successful business women running a plant, seed and gardening internet business.

Have a Great Floral Day!

I will be back next week with more floral delights.

~ xoxo ~


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1 comment:

Frances said...

Ingrid, many thanks for popping back here at month's end to say hello and give an update on the home project. May I also thank you for the lovely Sarah Ravel video. She is indeed a multi-talented lady!

Happy Summer...I guess that there will be lots of garden changes during August....


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