10 June 2015

Floral Media - Flower Agenda 2015 - Week 23 - 26 - Lily

Here is another instalment from The Flower Council of Holland's campaign about cut flowers called Flower Agenda and during the weeks 23 - 26 it's all about Lilies.

Here is a little bit of information and facts about Lilies:

  • Lilies grow wild in most parts of the world.
  • The lily is a flower with many symbolic meanings - femininity, love, purity and transience.
  • It comes in many different colours - white, pink, red, yellow, purple and orange - some also have stripes and spots.

  • The botanical/Latin name for lilies is Lilium.
  • Lilies are poisonous to cats if eaten.
  • Lilies can take several days to open.

  • Remove the anthers on the stamens - the part where the pollen is produced - to prevent staining of tablecloths and clothing.
  • Remove pollen stains by brushing gently or by using sticky tape.
  • Avoid water - it will only make things worse!

  • Lilies are available all year around.
  • They can last for up to two weeks.
  • The flowers bruise easily - so handle the flowers gently. 

Enjoy your flower arranging!

Have a Great Floral Monday!

I will see you later in the week with more Do-It-Yourself flowers from 'Of Spring and Summer'.

~ xoxo ~


[Images provided by The Flower Council of Holland.]

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Anonymous said...

Lilies are beautiful and royal flowers!
But the first picture is really superb, all those beautiful whites together!
Have a nice day, Ingrid!

With love, Gerry

Connie said...

I've always stay away from lilies because they seem so fragile.
I do think that they are amazingly beautiful, they even have a tropical look to them:)

HWIT BLOGG said...

Vackraste liljan...doften som är som den godaste parfym! Elegant blomma det där...
Önskar dig den bästa av helger Ingrid!

Madelief said...

Beautiful bouquets Ingrid!

Have a lovely weekend!

Madelief x

Villrose said...

Liljer er en vinner i buketter! Særlig lekkert i hvitt...

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