11 March 2015

FLOWERS by ingrid and titti - Floating Flower Wreaths

The theme for FLOWERS this week is 'Floating Flower Wreaths'.

I have used a mixture of blue Hyacinth flowers and small spray Carnations in three different pink colours.

All the wreaths are floating in just a little bit of water and as containers I have used a mixture of vintage cake stands, sugar bowls and cake tins.

In the image below I have put three pink roses in the middle of the floating flower wreath. 

Cut off the Carnation flowers just under the green calyx. Then using a needle and some clear nylon thread. I threaded through the side of the calyx so the flowers sit side by side.

With the Hyacinths I cut off each individual little flower from the main stem and they are then threaded through the centre of the flower and one flower fits neatly into the next - all facing the same direction. 

The little grey ribbon around the Carnations in the mini watering can is by Jane Means

The size and amount of flowers depends on the size of container you are going to use - measure and estimate as you go along. When you have the right size - tie off the nylon thread by making a few knots on top of each other.

In the image above I have stacked a few of the flower wreaths on top of each other in progressively larger sizes and the wreaths out of water will only last for the day.   

Let the flowers float in just enough water so that they either rest on the edges of the container or float just above the rim. Whatever suits the flowers and the container and makes the arrangement look its best.

This type of arrangement will only last for a few days - as the flowers are floating in water they will deteriorate quicker than a normal flower arrangement.

In the image above I have also put one or more Carnation flowers in the middle of the wreath. I have removed the calyx by gently but firmly grabbing the petals and the calyx and then at the same time twisting and tugging the two ends apart. 

Its worth having a go trying it - it doesn't always work but if it does the result is stunning. The flowers just open up into a whole new amazing flower! 

This kind of floating flower arrangement is perfect as a table decoration for a dinner party or for a birthday party. Easy,quick and fun to make!

Titti Malmberg - my Swedish based collaborator - who I work alongside on FLOWERS - has also created a blog post over on her blog HWIT BLOGG - so please follow the link and go over and see what she has done. 

You can see all our FLOWERS posts Here. 

We also have a special board over on Pinterest with images from FLOWERS.

Have a Very Happy Floral Day!

See you later in the week.

~ xoxo ~ 


[Styling and photography © Ingrid Henningsson for FLOWERS and Of Spring and Summer.]
[Ribbons designed by Jane Means.]


martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

Des petits moments éphémères, gourmands pour les yeux avec ces moules à gâteaux fleuris.
Des photos toujours aussi sublimes.
C'est un véritable plaisir que de venir vous visiter.

❁ Gros bisous ❁

Jarka Panci said...

Ingrid, amazing inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Så underbara uppsättningar!
Kul att använda bakformar. Jag använder dem för blommor utomhus.
Även vackra skålar.
Ha en bra vecka!

Anonymous said...

What ever you think of beautiful things with flowers!
Gorgeous floral wreaths in water!
That makes the day happy!

With love,

Jenny said...

Men vad fint! Som dekorerade tårtor. Fint med bakform och skålar, tänk vad man kan göra om man har lite fantasi!


Frances said...

These wreaths are so clever, and so beautiful, Ingrid. Thank you very much for letting us have the tips about how to create our own versions.

I think that these floating flowers would inspire many bakers' cake decorating. (Of course, the real flowers are so much more lovely than any suger/butter version.)


NinaH said...

Åh så lycklig man alltid blir att se dina vackra arrangemang!! Tack för den glädjen!!

HWIT BLOGG said...

Otroligt vackert och inspirerande Ingrid! Jättefint att använda bakformar ju...
Ha en fortsatt fin vecka.
Kram Titti

AnnA said...

Dear Ingrid!
Lovely blogpost, again!
Nice to USD bake - and kitchenwares in the asrrangements.
Best wishes,

Janneke said...

I have floating Hellebores in the house, but you have given me inspiration with your wonderful floating flower wreaths.

Julie@peoniesandposies.com said...

These are stunning Ingrid - lovely inspirations just as the hyacinths are starting to bloom in my garden!

Things and Thoughts said...

Very inspiring your floral compositions Ingrid!You add so much charm to every day items...
Wishing you a happy day,

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