18 February 2015

Floral Media: Houseplant of the Month - Primula


Houseplants are becoming increasingly popular again and green plants are featured more and more in interior magazines and on blogs.

Urban Jungle Bloggers are very much on target with this trend where Igor Josif and Judith de Graaff are doing a great job promoting and encouraging more green plants in the home.  

The Flower Council of Holland is an organisation that promotes plants and flowers. 

The Flower Council of Holland do a campaign that they call 'Houseplant of the Month' - where they every month will highlighting a particular houseplant.

In the month of February they are featuring the Primula.

Weather you are a consumer, florists or press you can all find out what Houseplant of the Month will be for all the coming months of 2015.

The campaign is also run in France, Germany and the UK. 


Here is a link to some more information about the campaign. 


A link to more good stuff about flowers and plants on Flower Council of Holland.


Here is a link to The Joy of Plants - the UK branch of The Flower Council of Holland.

Also - yet another link to Funny How Plants Do That.


Here is a little video showing how you can create your own DIY flower pot designs for the potted Primulas.

Have a Happy Floral Wednesday!

~ xoxo ~


[Images and video provided by The Flower Council of Holland.]


Jarka Panci said...

... the primula is beautiful flower and video is interesting...

Frances said...

Ingrid, I'm a big fan of primroses...there are so many different colors and petal details available. You've made me look at them in a fresh way with the very graphic black and white settings. Great drama!


Anonymous said...

Vad trevligt med månades växt.
Är primula och primrose samma blomma?

Tante Mali said...

Dear Ingrid,
this is a fantastic movement! We need more green and more flowers everywhere!
Thank you for the informations
All my best

Nat L said...

Merci Ingrid de partager cette campagne de The Flower Council of Holland. Je connais aussi Urban jungle bloggers et je suis très contente qu'ils parlent des fleurs.

Je vais, moi aussi, partager ton post.

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