9 April 2014

Ingrid's Floral Tips - # 5 - Top Ten Flower Arranging Tips

1. Always condition your flowers – before making your arrangement. It helps to prolong the life of the flowers in the vase. Just follow these simple and easy tips below!

2. Make sure all tools are clean and sharp and all containers clean and free from any bacteria. Bacteria will encourage deterioration of the flowers.

3. Most flowers will come wrapped in cellophane and have elastic band holding the bunches together. Remove all wrapping and elastic bands as soon as you get home.

4. Use a pair of floral scissors or snippers, preferably one that is comfortable to use and will not hurt your hand - if you are using it for a long time. For any woody stems you will probably need a pair of strong secateurs. 

5. Remove all leaves that will end up below the waterline in the vase or container. Any leaves submerged in water encourage bacterial growth and that will make the flowers deteriorate quicker.

6. Cut the bottom of the stems at an angle. This is to allow maximum surface to absorb water and to prevent the stems from sitting flush against the bottom of the container.

7. Cut all woody stems at an angle and then make another vertical cut upwards on the stem. This is to increase the surface that can absorb water.   

8. After cutting the stems place the flowers in a clean container with tepid water. Tepid water is more easily absorbed by the flowers.

9. Leave the flowers in a cool and dark place for at least a few hours – preferably overnight. This will give the flowers time to recover and to absorb water.

10. When making the final arranging in a vase or container you will probably have to re-cut the flower stems again to an appropriate length for your vase or container.

I hope you find these flower arranging tips useful. Following these simple advice you can make sure your flowers will look good and last longer. 

Have a Creative Floral Day! 

See you soon again!

xoxo Ingrid

[Styling and photography © Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.]


Igor Josifovic said...

Definitely helpful! Will think of these next time I buy a fresh bunch of flowers!

Lisa Gordon said...

Thank you so very much for this, Ingrid.
It is really helpful.

Have a wonderful day! xo.

HWIT BLOGG said...

Bra tips där! Tar till mig allt och är rädd om mina blommor!
Ha en skön vecka vännen...

AnnA said...

Alltså, sååå fint inlägg!

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