11 March 2014

Floral Styling - A Simple Flower Arrangement - # 6 - Pink Hyacinths and Tulips

Two, well three actually, simple flower arrangements. Two are very similar and the third one is very small! 

I bought two different coloured tulips to go with the hyacinths because I wanted to do a little experiment to see which one I like the best!  

In the first one I have combined the bright pink hyacinths and the dark pink Statice with pink tulips. Statice is also called Limonium.

For a vase I used a vintage jug - it's a favourite of mine and it has become an old standby. It has a cream body with a wide pink stripe across the middle as well as some thin lines of gold decoration.  

I used six stems of hyacinths, five tulips and instead of green foliage I filled in with pink Statice.  

I put some of the short left-over Statice in another favourite vase. It's a mini bud vase - perfect for all those tiny little beauties you are reluctant to just throw away. 

Like always - I condition the flowers as soon as I get them home - by removing some of the lower leaves and trimming about 2-3 cm off the bottom of the stems - always at an angle and then put the flowers in a clean container of a water. Leave the flowers in a cool place for a couple of hours before making your final arrangement.

In the second arrangement I swapped the pink tulips for some darker ones and this time I added a few more tulips to make some more impact.

Otherwise it's the same pink hyacinths and the same Statice - as in the first one.

For this arrangement I didn't want to use the same jug with the pink stripe - instead I swapped to a more neutral vase.
This one is a new bulb vase from a charity store - opaque so you can just see the stems though the glass.

Which one do you prefer - the all pink one or the one with the darker more purple tulips? 

Have A Pretty Floral Day!

Will be back soon!

xoxo Ingrid


Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Gorgeous pink textures and then tied in with the pink on the vase.

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Oh! They are both lovely, but I think I like the darker more purple tulips best. Such happy, bright colors!

Have a beautiful day, Ingrid.
~ Lin

Julie@peoniesandposies.com said...

I love them both Ingrid, but if I really have to choose I think I would opt for the all pink version - I particularly love the jug you have used for it.

Madelief said...

Two beautiful combinations Ingrid. I find it difficult to decide which one I prefer. There is something to say for both of them.

Your pink jug is lovely. I can imagine why it's one of your favourites.

Madelief x

Georgianna said...

It is so welcome to see these colors and blooms, Ingrid! We are all ready for spring.

Vicky said...

Just lovely!!!Have a nice day!

Ruth @ Camellia Rose said...

I thought I would prefer the all pink one but actually I think I like the contrast of the darker purple tulips. Not that you can ever go wrong with hyacinths and tulips! I love the tiny vase too, it makes a perfect accent to the arrangement :) Happy spring to you!

HWIT BLOGG said...

Vackert! Helt enkelt...vackert! Färgerna är ljuvliga och den rosa vasen är perfekt till blommorna...
Alltid en fröjd att se vad du hittar på Ingrid!
Varmaste kramen från mig,

Diana Studer said...

the flower sprigged bowl, and the pink jug - with darker dramatic tulips.

Lisa Gordon said...

Ingrid, these colors are just gorgeous!!
They just say, "Spring," and a very beautiful one indeed.

I always love your posts!!

Happy day to you. xo.

Janice Kay Schaub said...

Beautiful colour. so vivid. I love the pitcher. So ready for Spring. I cant wait to see tulips and things growing again

Janneke said...

I love both bouquets, the jug with the pink stripe is so beautiful but I also like bulbglasses and this opaque one is very pretty too. Well when I have to choose I think I just prefer the first one the all pink arrangement.

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