25 March 2014

Floral Media - # 24 - My Feature in Gatherings Magazine - Florals + Fabrics

This is my feature in Gatherings Magazine's spring Issue 2014 called - Artists + Artisans. 

All the contributors chose an artist or artisan as inspiration and mine was the textile designer Sarah Hardaker.
* * *
The weighty linens printed with the most beautiful pastel colours by designer Sarah Hardaker were the perfect inspiration. They created a natural relationship to my floral styling and blended flawlessly with my vintage collection of little ink bottles and jugs.

* * *
All the beautiful fabrics that I have used are by the English textile designer Sarah Hardaker. She designs her own range of bespoke fabrics and wallpaper and all her fabrics are printed in England using linen woven in Scotland by small family owned manufacturing companies.

Sarah also makes handmade cushions, bags and small gift items using her fabrics and she will often personalise them with names and initials.

A lot of Sarah’s designs are inspired by nature and she uses the flowers in her garden for design and colour inspiration.

Sarah says “You can’t beat nature for this, the beauty of a dark pink Gertrude Jekyll rose with lime green Alchemilla mollis – perfection.”

Using Sarah’s fabrics along with my flower arrangements I have created inspirational floral moodboards in two different colours - pink and green.

The flowers I have picked are a mixture of tulips, hyacinths and Ranunculus as well as little snowdrops. In both moodboards I have used a lot of different vintage jugs and small ink bottles instead of traditional vases.

Mixed in with the flowers and fabrics are also an assortment of ribbons - by Jane Means, washi tape, painted clothes pegs, colouring pencils and old postcards.

Have a Wonderful Floral Day!

See you soon!

xoxo Ingrid 


Frances said...

Ingrid, your flowers and Sarah's fabrics were meant for each other. Every single photograph is a beauty with its own personality.

I do have to say that my favorite is the overhead view of those snowdrops. Such gentle little flowers can present such a strong image!


Madelief said...

Such a beautiful feature for the magazine Ingrid. I like it very much!!

Madelief x

Lisa Gordon said...

Ingrid, these are just gorgeous, and what a beautiful magazine! xo.

Mila said...

I love both the white and pink arrangements! Gorgeous!

Georgianna said...

Really beautiful, Ingrid, and what a great idea to use Sarah's fabrics. I'm a great fan of her textiles and wallpapers. Congrats on the feature, too!

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