10 April 2013

Cooking with Flowers by Miche Bacher

It's easy to fall in love with this book - well lets get our priorities right - it's about flowers and food!

The book is called Cooking with Flowers by Miche Bacher published by Quirk Books and the photographs are by Miana Jun. 

It is also a stylist and photographers delight - it's beautifully styled, the photography is gorgeous and inspiring and every page is a treat for the eye, everything looks tasty and fresh, and I wanted to cook and eat everything in the book.

Miche Bacher is a herbalist, chef and founder of the custom confectionery studio Mali B Sweets based in Greenport, New York.

In the 'About the Author' in the back of the book we are told that Miche has worked alongside some of the world's most renowned chefs and that she continues to seek out creative uses of flowers and herbs in both savoury and sweet dishes. 

Miche has created 100 recipes using 18 different flowers as well as 8 different herbs. Some of the more unusual flowers that she has used are Daylilies, Dianthus, Hollyhocks, and Tulips. In the book she covers both sweet and savoury dishes. You'll find cakes, tarts, sorbet and breads as well as pizza, salads and tempura.

Each flower has it's own chapter and there is an introductory page introducing the plant - covering background, culinary use, seasonality and what preparations that are needed.

In the introductory page about roses under 'Culinary Use' she says: " Roses are sweet and highly aromatic. Color does not affect the flavour of roses, but scent does. The stronger the scent of the rose the stronger the taste. And if it smells good, chances are it will taste good." 

This is a cherry clafouti with hollyhocks - a French confection that is a cross between a custard, a pancake, and a puffy omelet.

Here are some little passion-fruit tartlets with candied orchids as decorations.

I had never seen this creative way of serving ice cream using tulips as edible bowls. Maybe something you could do at the weekend when you have a bit more time - but what a fun and pretty way of serving ice cream at a summer lunch in the garden. 

She covers quite a few different herbs using them in pesto, shortbread, cupcakes, ice cream, cookies and drinks as well as used as decoration on both sweet and savoury dishes.

I love this last image of a whisk full of cream and flower petals. Just for fun but so pretty - don't you think? 

I hope you have enjoyed my review of Cooking with Flowers and that it might inspire you to do your very own 'cooking with flowers'.


Thanks for the visit and till next time.

xoxo Ingrid


martinealison said...

Une cuisine très originale... que celle des fleurs qui déclenche des saveurs organoleptiques...
Merci pour merveilleux partage.
J'tulise parfois les violettes, les capucines et les pissenlits...
Gros bisous

LandHausLeben said...

Dear Ingrid,
what a great book! The pictures are amazing & delicious!
Nice day and lots of love, Carmen

Janneke said...

Wow, another "want to have" book. What a beautiful pictures!

Ada Polichetti said...

Dear Ingrid, your photos bring color to my day!!!!

Georgianna said...

Wow, beautiful images, Ingrid! Yours and inside the book. Thank you so much. I would probably never have purchased this but it looks marvelous!


Kreetta said...

Oh, I just ordered few plant seeds. Like marigold etc. I want to try if I can grow them and eat them! This book looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing, Ingrid!

Miche Bacher said...


THanks for your kind words. We worked hard on this book and want everyone to set their priorities to eating beautiful flowers!

Miche Bacher said...

thank you ingrid for your kind words - and for setting people's priorities straight!

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