9 January 2013

Gatherings Magazine : The White Issue

The latest issue of Gatherings Magazine is out and it's called The White Issue. The editor Heather Spriggs Thompson and all the contributors has done a great job.

It's full of wonderful inspirational features covering interiors, food, flowers, fashion and crafts.

Have a look at all the gorgeous images and writing by lots of talented photographers, writers and bloggers. 

I'm very happy to be one of the contributing editors - my feature is called Winter's Palette and you'll find it on page 38.


Happy reading and I hope you'll enjoy it!   

Thanks for visiting.

xoxo Ingrid


Frances said...

Ingrid, thank you so much for this post and its introduction to Gatherings Magazine.

Of course, I quickly clicked over to see your beautiful pages filled with your unique combinations of seemingly disparate items that you combine with perfect harmony and graceful wit. Bravo!

I am going to have to find time to take a longer look at the other contributors' pages, too. The aesthetic of this issue is one that appeals to my eye very much.


Janneke said...

I found your Winter's palette in the magazine, very nice article. The white issue of this magazine is in total a beautiful one. I enjoyed looking and reading it very much.

Dana Frigerio said...


Lisa Gordon said...

I see you in there! :-)
What a beautiful magazine this is, and as always, your work is so very beautiful.
Thank you for sharing this here, Ingrid.

Happy day to you!

braunelle said...

Hello Ingrid,

Thank you for showing us this issue. I think, I will have another look in the next days, because it is so beautiful especially your work.

Thank you

littlebigbell said...

Ingrid, wow! your styling and pictures are simply lovely. Thanks for introducing me to the magazine too. Really enjoyed all the articles. Did the photoshoot take long?

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