9 October 2012

Vintage Laura Ashley Moodboard

Vintage Laura Ashley fabric

Laura Ashley fabrics looks quite different now then what they did back in the 1980's. This is a piece of pink floral Laura Ashley fabric that I had put away in a box. I still think that it has stood the test of time and was quite pleased when I found it.

Vintage Laura Ashley fabric

I combined the fabric with some autumn chrysanthemums in two lovely colours.

Vintage Laura Ashley fabric

Here are some more of Jane Means lovely ribbons. This is a plum coloured taffeta ribbon that has a very thin wire in the darker coloured edge. If you scrunch it up it stays gathered and changes character from when it is smooth. I painted a very small terracotta pot and put my scrunched up ribbon in it. 
Here I have also combined it with some dark blue vintage chandelier crystals that matches the edge of the ribbon.  

Vintage Laura Ashley fabric

This is a found little brooch - worn, bent and with missing stones - I still like it!!

Vintage Laura Ashley fabric

I painted three wooden clothes pegs with Farrow & Ball paint. The paints has wonderful names - Brinjal, Cinder Rose and Calluna. I particularly like the name Cinder Rose, that name seem to be most famous for being the name of a Farrow & Ball colour! Brinjal is the name for eggplant in many parts of the world and Calluna is the Latin name for the heather plant family. I also painted the terracotta pot in the Brinjal colour.

Vintage Laura Ashley fabric

I love the torn edges of a lot of fabrics, the character of the fabric changes and the colour of the edges changes to a softer tone.  I tore a few strips and layered the strips under and inside some of the objects on the moodboard.

Vintage Laura Ashley fabric

Have a lovely day!

xoxo Ingrid


martinealison said...

J'ai utilisé beaucoup de mes tissus pour réaliser des tentures de toute sorte pour ma maison, des coussins, des jetées de lit et ciel de lit de la maison de Laura Ashley.
J'aime beaucoup cette dernière publication aux douces couleurs automnales. Belle idée.
Gros bisous

Sanne said...

Dear Ingrid,

oh.I have to laugh..., because I collect some old fabrics of Laura Ashley ( and the old catalogues..), too !!!
But yours is a very nice colour !! Love your arrangements, like always...

Wishing you a cosy autumntime,


Janneke said...

Beautiful post in autumn style. I also have old fabrics and catalogues of Laura Ashley, and.......dresses.
I have the same colour Chrysanthemums in my garden, you made again a lovely arrangement.

Frances said...

I also still have a few bits of vintage Laura Ashley fabrics. Those earliest prints in the muted colors were/are so lovely.

You've treated this fabric sample to wonderful accessories today. The baubles, flowers, painted pot, pins and wired ribbon all seem made for each other.

What a wonderful eye you have Ingrid! I always love seeing the results of your playfulness.


Ninja said...

Lovely colours....

Fabric Carolina said...

This Laura ashley fabrics will give vintage look and classic.I would also suggest to use my own fabric collections. u can try it once.

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