14 February 2012

White Primroses and Inspiration

Where does inspiration come from?
We all like to be inspired by something we feel passionate about.

Well, most of the time  inspiration is all around you - just have to find it.
Using a camera helps because you look at the world in a different way through a lens. It is more focused and you can cut out anything you are not interested in.

Any creative person or any creative thinking person will have their own answer to the question and it can become very philosophical.  

On a more practical level I can tell you what inspired me to style and take these photographs. It always starts with the flowers so a trip to the farmers market, the garden center or something from the garden is first on the list.
Some white primulas or primroses looked beautiful at the garden center and they would work well with a blue and yellow theme that I had in mind.

A huge part of my inspiration comes from my collection of vintage props. I will consider the size and colour of the container as well as any other items I like in the photograph. In this case I went with three light yellow 1950's flower pots, similar in style and colour but all different. I did not want to overpower the white primroses and I liked the retro look of the flower pots. 

Three little blue ink bottles, a small blue book and some blue crystals all picked up the colour in the painting that I felt worked well as a background. I used some tarnished silverplated trays as plant saucers and I raised the middle pot by putting it on a pile of old books so that the pots would be at different hights. There is a theme of three's in the image - three flower pots, three bottles, three books and three crystals.
Apart from fresh flowers I almost exclusivly work with old and used things. I very much like the idea of re-cycling, re-using and finding beauty in the old and worn.

Happy Valentine's Day!

xoxo Ingrid


Robin Larkspur said...

Happy Valentine's Day, to you too!! The arrangement is soothing and happy. I love those blue crystals!!

Madelief said...

Beautiful still lives Ingrid! Love the touch of blue.

Happy Valentine's day!

Madelief x

letrecivette said...

Happy Valentine's day!


Beautiful Ingrid!
You always inspire me with your beautiful photographic images and your FLOWERS!
Glad Alla Hjärtans Dag

HWIT BLOGG said...

Beautiful pictures! I can feel the spring...really!
Take care now and best wishes for a lovely week.

Georgianna said...

Gorgeous, Ingrid! I'm also inspired by my vintage props, many of which are family pieces.

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥♥

Kari fra BirdByBird said...

Virkelig nydelig. Elsker alle fargene og teksturene som du setter sammen på en utrolig fin måte. Klem Kari

Sanne said...

Dear Ingrid,

I´m late...hope you had a great Valentines day...love the light blue of the bottles..blue is my favourite colour for flowers more than white, but your whites are beautiful !!!

Have agood time and best wishes,

Frances said...

Ingrid, you've made some very subtle choices in creating this environment featuring those freshly lovely primroses.

The vintage touches are so complementary to the flowers. Those blue crystals are the most surprising touch, to my eye, and really serve to give a finishing touch to your composition.

The way in which your series of photos use the art of cropping is marvelous, too!

Thank you for that Valentine. xo

Cristina | Positively Beauty said...

Beautiful pictures! I love those blue bottles.
I too am often inspired by flowers - they give us so much beauty!

Henrietta Hassinen said...

Happy Valentine my friend...(I'm little late as always)
That primroses gorgeous, I have never seen like that (layered one) before. It looks little like rose, really beautiful, I like this layered version much more that the simple one.
I see blogger has a new word verification and it is very difficult,sight:)

lisa said...

What a beautiful series of images this is Ingrid!
I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

silvia said...

In your hands the camera is wonderful!

Bleu Chine said...

Hello from sunny France ! There is something 'regular' and calm expressed by these photos. I like the painting behind too. Stéphanie

Glycine blanche said...

Quel bel article romantique... Superbe !

Laura said...

Love, love, love reading your posts, as usual. The simple beauty of common things, in lovely combinations. Looking forward to what spring will inspire you to create.

All Seasons said...

From my Facebook to your blog. Wonderful pictures have you made.
I go follow you, maybe do you like it to see my blog?

Have a nice evening
Patricia from Holland

Randi said...

Hej Ingrid,
Nu har jag uppdaterat mig här hos dig. Du är verkligen superduktig på att arrangera vackra bilder. Du må tro jag har njuuuuutit!
Stor kram

Mats said...

Great shots, inspiration comes from....heck I have no idea. :)

el-mundo-en-colores said...

Do I smell spring in the air?

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