19 April 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

We all know the fairy story Snow White,
written by the Brothers Grimm.
In the story the Queen has a magical mirror that answers any questions.
She asks the mirror: "Mirror, mirror on the wall - who in the land is fairest of all?" 
To begin with the mirror always answers the the the Queen is the fairest.
The mirror always tells the truth so as Snow White grows up and becomes very beautiful the mirror has to change it's answer.
  Well, we all know what happened!

Alas, I don't have a magic mirror that can tell me what I want to hear.
What I do have is a small vintage table top mirror that I can use to reflect one of my favorite flowers.
Two for one! 

Ranunculus comes in many gorgeous colours. One more beautiful than the other.
It is a very opulant flower that looks its best when open and full.
Semi-open buds are also lovely and most closed buds do eventually open up.

Ranunculus are fantastic en masse in a vase and can be used both in a modern enviroment or as here in a charming romantic setting.

Spring greetings!

xoxo Ingrid


Spiral Style said...

Took my breath away. Just had to tell you how beautiful the blooms and photos are. Thanks for the lovely interlude to my day.

agnicy said...

Its beautiful !!! Ag

Frances said...

Ingrid, as always your post is beautiful and inspires us to try some creativity ourselves.

I have a little mirror on my wall, with a beautiful wooden frame that was carved years ago by my late father. It carries those classic words that you quoted. My dad was not one to offer much emotion face to face, but everytime I pass by this mirror, I am heartened to think that he carved those words for his daughter so see, year after year, even as my wrinkles increase, and other surface fairness lessens.


Claudia said...

Hallo Ingrid,
you like Ranunkles too.
I know the story of Snowwhite.
I like your story about the mirror very much.

Greeting from Germany,


Henrietta said...

I tend to ask you last time but I forgot , how many vases do you have!? I think you have a different vase in every post. I only have few and would like have more but no space to storage them. That red vase is beautiful. Love the shot, I think I could watch ranunculus shot for ever it is just so gorgeous flower:)

Madelief said...

Ranunculus are such pretty flowers. I especially like the ones in pastel colours. They look beautiful in the bottles!

Happy Easter!

Madelief x

lisa said...

As always so beautifully done Ingrid.
Your compositions are always so wonderful!

Angel.Pearls said...

Underbar komposition med ranunklar, spegel o glaskulor! Glad påsk-kram Eva

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