2 April 2011

Cut and Fold

Choosing flowers and a fabric when setting a table is fun but not always easy.
Two ways to go could be bold and dramatic or soft and pretty.

Dark red tulips in a clear glass vase combined with a graphically bold fabric can be fun and interesting for a spring lunch.
You probably need to use some plain china and glasses not to make it look too busy.

A row of small vases with early iris in the middle of a long runner. The pretty purple of the iris is picked up in the ikat fabric. The fabric is really a long narrow scarf but it works just as well on a table.  

For a romantic dinner you might choose to combine some pink tulips with a stronger pink silk fabric. In this case the fabric is also a scarf and you might want to add another fabric or pad under the silk to reduce noise and for the silk fabric to stay put.  

Some old lace and some delicate light blue Scilla flowers in a blue vintage vase looks like made for each other. This little arrangement would look lovely in a guestroom or bedside table.

Have a lovely weekend!

xoxo Ingrid


Home and Lifestyle said...

I love your flowers...how to live without them??

Wish you a happy weekend, my friend! Many hugs, Ingrid

rajson said...

Faller pladask för ditt första uppsättning. Känns lite 50-60 tal!?
Kontrasterna, man blir så glad!
Ha det gott!

Madelief said...

Wow Ingrid,

These photo's look great. The top one and bottom one are my favourites. I love the contrast in the top photo of the bright red tulips against the black and white background!

Happy weekend & lieve groet, Madelief

swedishouse said...

Hej Ingrid

LOVE the last image especially and the sweet little flowers...subtle and simple. Fantastic with the lace.
Less is always more!
Happy Spring days...

Anna Vattenkanna said...

Inspirerande...som vanligt här hos dig. Du skämmer bort oss tror jag ;-)

Irisen med den ikatfärgade scarfsen var riktigt läckert... Jo, jag har nog en viss faiblesse för lite starkare färger skulle jag tro.

Ha en skön söndag!
Kram Anna Vattenkanna

lisa said...

Each of these compositions is so beautiful Ingrid!!
Truly magnificent.
Have a wonderful weekend!

agnicy said...

I love all of them ! Ag

NinaH said...

Härliga kombinationer- både färger, mönster och material!! Uhm! Njutningar!! Var och en på sitt sätt!

Svenska Blomsterbloggar said...

I don't really like iris, but yours are absolutely gorgeous !!!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Nedj said...

Still a pretty floral palette that blends well with your tissues ..
Pretty tables to predict ..
Pretty Sunday

Camillas Foto said...


Hoppas att du har haft en bra helg.
Själv har jag sorterat gamla saker och sedan fått dem sålda på loppis, skönt att rensa ut ibland.
Ha det bra

HWIT BLOGG said...

Helt underbara bilder!
Vilken inspiration du ger oss alla med din fina blogg!
Ha en fortsatt skön söndag...
Hälsningar Titti

Elephant's Eye said...

You will see familiar photos on tomorrow's post. I am linking to you. Where in SA was your daughter?

Sophia Callmer said...

Som scenografi! Men att kunna välja och veta vad man har att spela med är en konst. Vackert och inspirerande. kram Sophia

flowersandhome said...

Flowers... photography... Two of the things I LOVE! I'm your next follower from now on!
Very pretty pictures.

Anonymous said...

As always the most beautiful photos with such inspirational ideas. From bold to soft, something for everyone's taste. I love most of all, how your blog expresses who you are!
Have a wonderful week,
P.S. I can't wait for your Easter photos.

Henrietta said...

The first shot is heavy cool:) I love your iris, I haven't seen that colored only normal little boring blue ones. I think that is very dramatic color.

Colores said...

lovely splash of colours and flowers! you are simply delicious!!

Together We Save said...

Beautiful!! I love the tulips!!

Mari Carmen said...

All your pictures are so beautiful!!! I love them! :)


Anonymous said...

You have grat photos here again. The first one evokes feel of luxury, glamour (perhaps the cloth with dalmatine spots evokes it in me) and bound with it I feel cold and impersonality. The second one is my favourite, it looks like a painting. The last one with the lace is grat vintage photo. A lot of excellent work!

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