11 March 2011

Something Old, Something New....

Something old, something new,
something borrowed, something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

No, nobody is getting married.
I just like the meaning of this old saying.
"Something old" - an old item is symbolic of a continuity with the family and the past.
"Something new" - the new represents good luck, success and hopes for a bright future.
"Something borrowed" - is an item borrowed from a dear happily married friend.
"Something blue" - blue is the symbol of faithfulness, love and loyalty.
All very nice and can be representative in other areas of our lives. Not just when somebody is getting married.

The combination of an old, partly blue quilt, a new zink vase and some "borrowed" white tulips came to represent the old Victorian saying.
I also love the faded blue colour and the stiching in this old quilt.
The beauty of something loved and well used. 

Have a lovely weekend!

xoxo Ingrid


Elisabeth said...

Tulpaner är alltid något positivt, men här var duken väl så fin. Snygg sömnad! Ha en bra helg!

Anette said...

Vissa bilder triggar mig mer än andra.
Den där översta bilden får igång tanken i mig. Hur skulle jag? Hm, placerat krukan aningen närmare mig, så de blå linjerna träffat varandra.

Anna Vattenkanna said...

Jag älskar detta att blanda gammalt med nytt - det nya lyfter fram det gamla och vice versa. Det bästa av två världar helt enkelt.

Helgkramar Anna Vattenkanna

Moa said...

Önskar dig en fin helg också.. fina bilder o vackra tulpaner.. Ha det gott/Moa

Home and Lifestyle said...

Dear Ingrid, your tulips are lovely...they really bring spring in your house!

Wish you a happy weekend! Many hugs, Ingrid

Sophia Callmer said...

Fint inlägg! Mönstret på porslinet känner jag igen, är som du en sån som tittar nära, nära på de gamla porslinmönstren, de är användbara. ha en skön helg! kram Sophia

Randi said...

Vilken ljuvlig tolkning, Ingrid! Mycket kreativt och eftertänksamt.
Önskar dig också en skön helg.
Kram Randi

lisa said...

Such beautiful photographs Ingrid!

Anonymous said...

Okay besides the beautiful white tulips. The quilt is amazing, how could you just borrow it? Don't give it back. :) I love these colors and each quote has such a beautiful meaning. Ingrid your post just screams Spring!!!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Henrietta said...

Lovely set up and I like what all things mean something.
Have wonderful weekend

Mari Carmen said...

These tulips are really pretty!! I love them!

Good week end for you too!

Fru C said...

Precis som jag...ordspråk och andra talesätt som bara poppar upp....Åh du vilken kombination du har gjort....lovely!!
Kram// Carolina

Nanna said...

Älskar det ordspråket med!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Ingrid! You take the most beautiful photos. :)

lisa said...

Thank you for your visit Ingrid!
I am having a good week, as the weather is changing a bit, and it is possible to believe that spring might arrive after all!!

I hope you are having a wonderful week too!!


Henrietta said...

LOL, I'll write a day before when I come to play with your ribbons:)

Laura said...

Thank you sooo much for passying by me,Ingrid! I love the light tht shines in your pics,I adore this fabric texture and the delicate tone of light blue!

Misty said...

Your pictures are so pretty! Especially love that first one. Found your blog through another blogger. Feel free to check mine out at http://throughaphotographerseyes.blogspot.com/

NinaH said...

Underbart ljuvliga bilder & arrangemang!!
Ditt paket på väg (om det inte redan anlänt?!)!;-) Grattis än en gång!

Georgianna said...

(I missed this, I'm sorry, Ingrid.)

I love the old quilt – it is such a charming touch and so instantly nostalgic! To answer your question, I use a lot of large sized handmade papers as backdrops. I do sometimes use fabric but it's so fiddly with wrinkles. I'm on the hunt right now for good surfaces like marble and old wood. :) Have a great week. xo – g

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