17 November 2010

Last Of The Autumn Flowers

I think this is probably the last of the autumn flowers.
Blue Asters in their full glory.
I put the flowers in a jam jar and used an old Swedish wooden measuring container to hide the jar.
A pretty ribbon from Jane Means to finish it off.

The days are getting shorter and it is now getting more and more difficult to take photographs in natural light.
Here in the UK I still have a few hours in the middle of the day unless it is cloudy and rainy.
Which is most of the time!


Home and Lifestyle said...

What a lovely idea...asters in a beautiful container!!

Warm regards, Ingrid

martinealison said...

Moi qui adore les fleurs bleus, vous me comblez aujourd'hui avec la photo de ce magnifique bouquet d'asters...

Anonymous said...

Dear Ingrid, These are indeed dismal days we are having in the UK at the moment. But what cheer your cobalt blue arrangement has brought today! The Asters look perfect in the wooden container. An idea to steal....

Madame C said...

Härligt blått och vackert:)
Inga blommor så långt ögat når här i trädgården:(
Ha det gott,

bicocacolors said...

in a month are beginning to be longer day!!!!
this combination of wood and blue is different and fantastic,
I like!

rajson said...

Tyvärr hann inte mina blålila höstastrar knappt blomma innan det blev kraftig frost!

lisa said...

This is so lovely Ingrid! I think it would make a lovely dining room table centerpiece. So beautifully composed!

Jess said...

The flowers love beautiful. I know it's getting more difficult taking pics w/ this time change.

Frances said...

Blue asters always seem like storybook flowers to me. I find it hard to believe that "real" flowers could be so true a blue.

Your arrangement using the old wooden container is lovely.

I agree with you about losing our daylight hours, seems as if minutes vanish every day. I will not have to go to work tomorrow, and intend to be outdoors as much as possible to enjoy the sun. (Although tonight the moon was also gorgeous ... getting full again.)

Best wishes.

Henrietta said...

You still have flowers left. Everything is rotten here and when I woke up this morning there was snow. I think this is not a permanent but it gives little more light:)
Enjoy the last beautiful flowers.
Kram Henrietta

Randi said...

Så underbart vackert! Och avskedsbuketten blir i de svenska färgerna. När jag bodde i UK hade jag hela vintern gula och blå penséer vid entrén.
Visst kan du väl fotografera i naturligt ljus om vintern. Jag använder aldrig något annat.
Varm kram

Sanne said...

Dear Ingrid,

wonderfull arrangement, like alway...love the wood container !!

Have a nice rest of the week,
best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Asters are the last flower to bloom here as well. Yours are gorgeous - I love the arrangement!

Have a wonderful day, Ingrid!
~ Zuzu

Sophia Callmer said...

Visst är det knepigt med ljuset nu, det är verkligen få timmar, även om det emellanåt kommer en solig förmiddag/eftermiddag är ljuset så lågt.
Härliga blåa, lila färger!

Carol said...

You make a lovely indoor composition to make up for the gloomy days. I love the various blues in your buttons and beads and your light from the candle is cheery.

Fru C said...

Vilken underbar färg....precis som himlen. Jo du Ingrid när jag skriver om gutar då menar jag såklart mina Gutefår. En utrotningshotad fårras med ursprung på Gotland (tror jag). Jag har bara 9 stycken så då har man bra koll på vem som är vem.
Tror inte att det finns gutar i London :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Ingrid~
Thank you so much for your comment it means so much to me coming from you. I am such a fan of your photography as you know but mainly how you can capture a story with each picture.
Including the beautiful blue color of your recent post.
Have a nice weekend

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